We are a company involved with the exploding trend of Gluten Free foods.We became aware of this trend more than five years ago before it became a new means to treating certain ailments by the avoidance of Gluten. It also became a new fad as a way to  maintain a healthier lifestyle . Our involvement started with ​ a Gourmet food store with a heavy emphasis on all kinds of Gluten Free food items. As the success of our market became apparent soon thereafter we opened a restaurant with  a health oriented  menu with special emphasis on Gluten Free items instead  of the traditional Gluten loaded food ingredients.  Again our research into this  exploding  trend of food mindset got us involved in our next venture. In a static location  like a brick and mortar restaurant you are at the mercy of pedestrian  flow passing by your restaurant. Our thought was why have this restriction . Why not have a restaurant on wheels where we can venture anywhere there is business to be had. Special occasions,festivals,and catering are are all at our grasp. So we invested in a  fully equiped    food truck. This truck  is truly a restaurant on wheels . With top of the line restaurant grade equipment  this mobile restaurant is our commitment to having a strong presence in this segment of the food industry. It is our intention that with the expertise we gained from outfiting and running this mobile restaurant  plus our health oriented menus  it will become our main revenue source.  Very soon we will repeat the process by investing in another truck. With our guidence and professional  mentorship   we will offer  partnerships  to those individual interested in taking advantage of this new rage of the food industry.

Do you wish for us to cater a special event for you . Or are you interested in participating in a new venture with us feel free to communicate so we may discuss the possibilities of your involvement in the upscale food truck biz.
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